The Penalty Shootout bonus in Football Champions Cup.
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NetEnt have just released their latest slot, Football: Champions Cup just in time for EURO 2016. In this video, we take a look at one of the two exciting bonus features available to play in Football Champions Cup, the penalty shootout.

In penalty shootout, players go head to head with the slot itself. You pick an area of a goal to take a shot and the ai player will try to save it. Then the game flips around and you have to save, whilst the ai player takes the shot. Whoever gets the most goals, wins the prize, with your money increasing depending on how many goals you got in the net and where you managed to score them.

Football Champions Cup also comes with a free spins mode which takes place as a football tournament, set out much like the EUROs themselves. You spin the reels and can land on goal wilds, which either gives you or the other team a goal. If you score more goals, you continue up the league and eventually to the big money.

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