Hello! It’s shampoo, scalp massage, hair brushing and washing with no talking ASMR! I tried to record it with new setting. XD haha I want to bring something like it better to the next time! Thanks for watching always. 🙂 I hope you can get relaxing with my new video. #ASMR

00:06 preview
01:28 greeting, putting on towel, collar
02:22 scalp massage
07:14 hair brushing
13:03 pouring water on hair for shampoo
15:41 shampoo heaven
28:02 shampoo heaven with water sound
32:32 scalp massage with shampoo brush
37:45 washing bubbles
44:48 applying hair pack & covering conditioning cap
48:42 washing hair pack
51:51 removing moisture with towel
52:50 spraying hair essence & applying hair serum

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안녕하세요 여러분! 샴푸와 두피마사지 리얼버전이에요 XD 이런형식으로 영상을 만든건 처음이었는데 다음번에는 보완해서 더 좋은 비디오를 가져올 수 있으면 좋겠어요 XD 오늘도 잘 부탁드려요 편히 쉬세요 🙂

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クチュクチュ・・・口の音がエロ過ぎるASMRtist PPOMO


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